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Medical Transcription Employment

Medical transcriptionists are responsible for converting dictated recordings by physicians and other health care providers into text format. This written text may be printed and/or retained as an electronic medical record. Electronic storage of medical transcripts in hospital databases enables other departments or health care providers to have immediate access to patients’ medical records and care.

Medical transcription is the principal means used by doctors to communicate with other health care providers who may need to read their patients’ records, thereby ensuring the continuity and accuracy of patient health care. In the U.S. , Independent Medical Examination (IME) reports are required by law for documentation of a medical bill or for applying for Workers’ Compensation insurance benefits (liability insurance and disability claims). Medical transcriptionists play an important role in documenting the quality of patient care.

Medical transcription certification and registration are not legally required in the U.S. , but many medical transcription schools and online medical transcription training programs award Medical Transcriptionist Certificates. These certificates do not entitle a medical transcriptionist to use the title of Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT). To become a CMT, a transcriptionist has to pass the certification examination conducted by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), formerly the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT). It is also possible to become accredited as a Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT), through the AHDI. This is a more advanced level certification. Whether a medical transcriptionist has learned his/her profession from an online medical transcription course, a medical transcription program at a community college or from on-the-job training, knowledgeable, skillful medical transcriptionists are very much in demand.

There are many medical transcription job opportunities in Alabama where healthcare centers are always in need of skilled medical dictation transcriptionists. Medical transcription online training can provide you with the necessary skills to become a home-based medical transcriptionist or to find medical transcription employment at a medical transcription company. To embark on a medical transcription career, you will need to acquire the following skills.

Medical Transcriptionist Skills:

  • Knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical terminology is essential
  • Above average typing speed is desirable (60 words-per-minute minimum), word processing skills
  • Ability to utilize transcriber machines and transcription software
  • Excellent grammar and correct use of punctuation
  • Proficiency in accurately transcribing all medical report types and medical specialties:
    • Medical History transcripts
    • Physical Examination transcripts
    • Consultations, Operative Reports (including Procedure Notes)
    • Discharge Summaries (including Psychiatric reports).
    • Test, Biopsy, and Study transcripts
    • Basic Medical Records-Clinic/ER Note transcripts
    • Medical dictation also includes  referral letters, memos, admission notes, office chart notes, etc.

Medical transcription salaries typically depend on the production of the transcriptionists rather than on the number of hours of work. The exception is when a medical transcriptionist works in a hospital setting, where medical transcription pay may be based on the number of hours worked. is a leading medical transcription service provider that provides premium-quality medical transcription services. Not only do we test medical transcriptionists prior to employing them, we also make sure to hire only experienced certified medical transcriptionists who have kept abreast with recent technological advances and updates both in the medical field and in the transcription field.

Articles about our services

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